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“Thanks a lot for this. It's really useful. This is an old story I've been messing around with on and off for a while and I really needed a fresh perspective to get my head around the reasons it's not working. Your comments make a lot of sense and are really helpful.” “Both crits have given me light bulb moments and made me more enthusiastic about the stories. It looks like you may have a regular customer on your hands!” "And Zoe King, whose critiques are invaluable, incisive, straight as a die..." “Very grateful for all of your help over the last 18 months or so. It has been invaluable. I feel I'm a lot further on on account of it.” “Thank you so very much. Solid advice, and plenty to think about.” "Thanks for the critique which was really helpful- it's brilliant to have that level of detail." "Hi... just a note to thank you for the in-depth crit of my story. I'm really impressed with the detail and the helpful comments." "Many thanks - all very useful and informative." "I was very impressed with the thoroughness of your critique. You obviously took a lot of time & trouble over it, and your comments helped me a great deal." "It was certainly well worth waiting for and I shall endeavour to do a better job in my redraft, taking on board your comments and suggestions." If you think I might be able to help you rethink and rework your story, please contact me.